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Medieval Sourcebook:
Court Rolls of The Manor of Wakefield, 1274-1297

The Yorkshire Archaelogical Society, Record Series vol. 29, 1900.
Court Rolls of The Manor of Wakefield Vol. 1 1274-1297
By William Paley Bailon.

1275 AD
Henry de Emeley who was arrested for inflicting wounds on Roger de Brerley servant of the Abbat of Roche gives 13s 4d to be under the surety of Simon de Chyvet John de Kirkeby Simon son of Henry Richard de Rodes and Robert del Stokis, so that if it should happen that Roger, should die of the wounds or through the infliction of the wounds which God forbid that then they will answer for Henry, body for body, that he shall surrender himself to prison (from which he has been let out on their security) and will answer anyone who shall make any charge against him.

Roger son of Henry de Ammeley and Adam his brother who at the last Court were released on the pledge of Henry son of Roger de Ammeley and others as there appears who are charged with having wounded Roger de Brereley are respited on the same condions.

Roger son of Henry de Emeley, Adam his brother, and Henry de Emeley, their father, have license......by license with Roger de Brerely, the serjeant of Tymberwode, in a plea of assault; pledges, John de Kirkeby and Adam de Heton.