These notes on the history of the area have been collected over a period of about fifteen years. It was not, however, until reading R. B. Smith's book, in November, 1973, that I realised the important role that the Manor of Brierley, or Brereley as it was more usually spelt, had played in the history of South Yorkshire. To me, history has always been more interesting when related to how its effects can be seen in present-day landscapes and I hope that these notes will help others to see how time has shaped the village.

MICHAEL RICHARD WATSON 26th September, 1974
The village of Brierley was my home for the first twenty-three years of my life and still holds a very special place in my thoughts. However, I too only realised the past importance of my home village very recently, when this research was completed. I am very proud to have belonged to this village and my warm feelings for it have made my part in the writing of its history a great pleasure, rather than an arduous task.

MARY HARRISON (Draper) 23rd August, 1975