Transcription of the Brierley Manor Court Roll for 1655.

This is a transcription of the roll in full in so far as it is legible. The words in inverted commas have been inserted where they almost certainly would appear, to make the roll more readable.

Freeholders of the manor, together with the Lord of the Manor, up the Court Baron, which in the case of Brierley seems to have been a very large court.

The Courts Frankpledge and Leet are dealt with together, being the courts for the tenants of the manor. In the context of this Court Roll the word 'Leet' was used as a definition of the area under the jurisdiction of the court.

Besides the names of the freeholders and tenants are abbreviations to say: whether they appeared at the Court (ap), were exempt (ext), were excused in some way (es), or fined for non appearance, in which case the amount of the fine was stated.

The sums of money were in Roman numerals except for the totals which were in the conventional form. The fact that they do not add up correctly is probably due to the fact that some parts of the roll are illegible.

In the interest of accuracy the original spelling has been retained.

"Court Baron of the"

Mannor of Brearley "in the year of our Lord"

One thousand Six hundred fifty & five before "John Stanhop" steward of the said Court.

Freeholders in divers townshippes & hamletts

BARSLEY- WILLIAM Lord viscount Wentworth Earle of Straford

(6s. 8d.)

ARDESLEY - Henry Gascoyne Esq. (3s. 4d.)

BAWNE - The heires of Sr Christopher Hilliard Knt (5s.) Richard Franke Gent (as) Thomas Mayre (Is.)

BARNEBY - Thomas Barneby Esq. (3s. 4d.) apt by Tho: Wildsmith by Atton (ext)

BIRTHWAITE Francis Burditt Esq. Sr John Kay Knt in right of his wife,

CAWTHORNE Robert Hartcliffe of Cannon hall (1s.) William Bosevile Esq. (3s. 4d.)

Mathew Lindley of Champney house (1s.) - Francis Hague of Carle Coates (1s.) Thomas Pasleiw The heires of James Washington gentleman William Green (Is.) John Mickthaite (Is.) Robert Harteley (Is.) John Shirte (1s.)

Anne Cackehill (Is.) Thomas Oxley (Is.) William Pasleiw (Is.) Lionell Micklethwaite (Is.)

CUDWORTH - Thomas Jobson Esq. (3s. 4d.)

CHEVETT - Francis Nevile Esq. (3s. 4d.)

DENBY & BAG - Lionel Fanshaw genti (2s.) Thomas Burditt genti 2s.) Dele- -er Burdett genti (2s.)

Richard Clayton (1s.) John Shaw (1s.) Francis West (ap) Henry Hirst (2s.) Clark Henry Hugh (Is.)

The heires of the wife of Henry Boothroyd (Is.) Robert Blacke- burne (ap) se John Moseley (1s.) Joseph Moseley (Is.) Henry Dickinson (Is.) Thomas Wormall (Is.) Robert Ward (Is.) The heires of William Morehouse (Is.) Joanna Marshall widdow (Is.) Richard Marshall (Is.) Thomas Hagh (es) Godfrey Bosville Esq. (3s. 4d.)

"HODROYD" - The heires of Richard Berry docto(r) in phisicke (3s. 4d.) Henry Roe (es) in right of his wife Richard Gill (ap) in right of Elizabeth his wife

HUNSHELFE - Sr Francis Wortley Barronett (5s.) Lewis West Clarke (did fealty) John Bagshaw (1s.)

INGBIRCHWORTH - John Micklethwaite yong(r) (ap) Richard Micklethwaite (es) John Nichalls (Is.) John Wasion (es) George Shaw (Is.) James Hinchelife (Is.) John Micklethwaite (did fealty)

HOULBECKE - Miles Stapleton Esq. in right of Mary his wife (3s. 4d.)

KILLINGTON OVERHAGH - Richard Osler (dead) (1s.) The heires of William Allan (did fealty) The heires of Marke Ward (1s.) Marke Skelton (1s.) Anthony V-ton (es)

PENYSTONE - Ralph Wadsworth (1s.) John Shaw of Sykehouse Clarke (2s.)

PILLEY - Sr Franci's Wortley Barronett (5s.)

ROYSTON - Richard Cusworth sonne of Robert Cusworth (ap) Robert Wood genti in right of Jane his wife (2s.)

Robert Pitts (Is.) Goru-s Bramhold (1s.) George Warin (1s.)

SKELMANTHORPE - Hamlett Hide Esq. (3s. 4d.)

SHAFTON - Richard Gill (ap) Henry Wroe in right of Sarah his wife (es) George Pitt (ap) Richard Gill in right of his wife (ap) Anthony Jenkinson (dead) Jonas Clarkson (ap) Robert Hellilay (es) John Stoley (did fealty)

SOUTHHINDLEY - James Liversedge (es) Anthony Goodwin (ap by Richard Bradley his Attor:) The heires of Richard Berry docto(r) in phisicke Jonas Smith (es) Francis Horne (Is.) James Green (es) Garthricke Watts (es) Francis Shepheard (ap). Robert Hudiestone (es)

THURGOLAND - Lionell Bawlineforth Esq. (3s. 4d.) Thomas Kes- worth genti (2s.) Anthony Morewood genti (2s.) Richard Cusworth of Eastfield (1s.) Thomas Hanson genti (2s.) Thomas Hanson sonne of Richard Hanson (1s.) Richard Hoyland (1s.) William Ellyson (ap) Richard Wainewright (1s.) William Wads- worth (1s.) James Bowes (1s.) John Hobson (Is.) F-ne Binnes (1 s.) Ralph Wardsworth (1 s.) John Ellis in right of his wife (Is.) Henry Shaw (ap) Richard Hey (1s.) The heires of Robert Kay (1s.) George Walker (1s.) Richard Wainewright of Storrs (1s.) John Hobson (Is.) Thomas Wager in right of his wife (did fealty).

WASBROUGH - Francis Rockley Esq. (3s. 4d.) Daniell Ellis (ap) Widdow Taylor (Is.) William Skires (1s.)

BREARLEY - Sr George Wentworth of Wooley Knt (5s.) John Rishworth (ap) Henry Wroe genti (es) John Hellilay (ap) George Green (ap) James Dymond (ex) Jude Clarkson (f) Edward Firth (1s.) Robert Speight (isf) Anthony Binnes (ap by Robert Budin Att:) James Liversedge (es) George Holgate (Is.) John Rishworth (ap) George Pitt (ap) Anthony Hollilay (es) Wi I I iam Wi [son (did f ea lty) Thomas Wager (1 s.) George Holgate.

GRIMETHORPE - Francis Pitt (1s.)

Tenants of 1 farme of youres & att will - Thomas Wood (did fealty) Anne Speight (ext) John Milner (did fealty) Elizabeth Green widdow (ap) Francis Wildsmith (ap) John Law elder (es) Giles Battyson (es) Alexander Berry (did fealty) Robert Speight John Law yong(r) (es) James Hirst (ap) William Yould (ap) John Bell in right of Agnes his wife (ap) Henry Fidling (ap) Thomas Hardman (did fy)

GRIMETHORPE - Henry Shirtclife (ap) Thomas Lee (did fealty) Richard Stead (ap) John Pitt (ap) Richard Marshall (ap) John Childe (ext) Gilbert Hoddgson (ext) John Swift (ap) Barbara Jennett widdow (es) Richard Speight (ap) widdow Bovers (ap) widdow Walker (ap) Bryan Medley (did fy) John Twigge (ap) Henry Pitt (ap)

SOUTH HINDLEY - Richard Milner (ap) Francis Shepeard (ap) Nicholas Hudiestone (ap) William Barbar (ap) Richard Shaw (es) Jonas Liversedge (ap) Thomas Hagh (es) Edward Barbar (es) Ralph Downes (ap)

THE NAMES OF THE JURY - (Francis West genti George Holgate Gent John Micklethwaite gent) Sworne (Richard Gill William Cawthorne Robert Blackeburne) Sworne (Jonas Clarkson John Hellilay George Pitt) Sworne (John Rishworth Richard Cusworth Thomas Wildsmith) Sworne (Jude Clarkson Daniell Ellis) Sworne


(57)-Who prsent & say that lionel Fanshaw is dead butt doe not know who is heire or heires

(58)-As also that Thomas Burditt is dead & that Thomas Burditt is his hiere.

(59)-As also that Richard Clayton is dead & that Thomas Morehouse enjoyeth tha lands in right of his wife; as also Edward Burgese is dead.

(60)-And as for John Kay wee know him not but William Kay we know posessed of an estate in Denby.

(61)-Also wee find that Robert Ward is dead & that Robert Ward is his Sonne & heire; As for Thomas Wormall wee know no such man.


(62)-And also that George Wood is dead & that John Wood is his Heire.


(63)-As also that George Sheapheard is dead & that Robert Hudleston poseseth his lands.


(64)-And also that Anthony Morewood is dead AND as touching all persons who have made default in appearance at his Court wee doe Amercie tham, namely such of them in the Summe sett over his head

Also wee doe prsent Robert Burdin of Brearley for plowing the land & mowing & taking away the Hay of Alexander Berry & doe Amercie him for the same 3s. 4d.

Also wee doe prsent John Hoyland of Brearley hath not laid open his gate into Porter Croft & out according to a paine laid whereby he hath forfeited 30s.

Also wee doe prsent that Thomas Smith deceased or Alice his wife did not lay open one lnrethin (f)or gap therein for the said way according to a paine upon the said Thomas Smith imposed where by there is forfeited 30s.

Also we doe prsent that John Hoyland did goe over Thomas Wood ground wch was formerly widdow Starkes ground wth a wayne Contrary to a paine Laid whereby he hath forfeited 5s.

Also wee doe prsent That the Inhabitants of Southhindley have not made sufficient horse way at Baynebridge gate wthin the feild leading towards wakefeild According to a paine formerly laid whereby they have forfeited 30s.

The summe of this Court El l-14s.-OOd.

Jo Stanhope Steward

The Court Leett or veiw of Franke pledge holden att the Mannor of Brearley upon Tuesday the nyneth day of October 1655 for Sr George Savile Barronett before John Stanhope Esq. Steward there/ /

TENANTS IN BREARLEY - WILLIAM Cawthorne (ap) George Green (ap) William Yold (ap) John Law the the

elder (es) Robert Hemingway Alexander Berry (ap) John Law yongr Henry Fidling (ap) Francis Wildsmith (ap) Thomas Shaw (es) James Dymond Thomas Wood (ap) Jude Clarkson (ap) John Hoyland (ap) Edward Wager (es) John Colly (ap) Abraham Woodhead (ap) John Bell (4d.) William Berry (4d.) James Hurst (ap) Arthur Cusworth otherwise Jaackson (es) Robert Burdyn (ap) Thomas Waterworth (4d.) Richard Man (ap) Francis Wilkinson (2d.) Thomas Wood (6d) John Jannett (es) Thomas Oxley (2d.) Anthony Halliday (es) Giles Battyson Robert Speight (es) John Helliley (ap) John Milner (ap) James Fostard (ap) Wilim Wilson (ap) James Batty (2d.)

"TENANTS IN GRIMTHORPE" - HENRY Shirtliffe the eldr (es) Richard Stead (ap) Henry Shirtcliffe the yongr (es) William Thorpe (ap) John Pitt (ap) Roger Cowper (es) John Oxley (ap) Joseph Greaves (es) Thomas Seed (2d.) George Houlegate genti (ap) William Birkby (4d.) George Pitt (ap)

"TENANTS IN SHAFTON" - ANTHONY Jenkinson genti (dead) Richard Marshall (ap) Henry Wroe genti (es) Richard Reame (2d.) John Twigge (ap) John Childe (ext) Thomas Twigge (es) Richard Walker (es) Gilbert Hodgson (ext) Henry Pitt (ap) Henry Walker (ap) Richard Speight (ap) John Twigge (ap) Jonas Clarkson (ap) John Ellis (ap) Bryan Medley (ap) John Swift (ap) Thomas Hardman (ap) Peter Grmethorpe (ap) John Berry (es) Rich: Gill (ap)

TENANTS IN SOUTHHINDLEY" - SAMUEL Norkolke (e) Stephen Cuttell (es) John Wager (es) Edward Wager (2d.) William Barber (ap) Thomas Cuttell (ap) Nicholas Hudieston (ap) Francis Shepeard (ld.) Jonas Shepeard (ap) William Battyson (ap) John Shepeard (ap) John Shipton (ext) John Lister (es) John Battyson (ap) William Downes (es) Richard Bradley (ap) Thomas Hudieston (ap) Jonas Downes (ap) Ralph Downes (ap) James Greene (es) Edward Barbar (es) Richard Goodlove (ap) John Wiggin (es) Thomas Haigh (es) John Brettyiner (ap) Richard Shaw (es) Thomas Shaw (es) Jonas Firth (es) Edward Hoyle (ap) Abraham Shepheard (3d.) Thomas Firth (ap) Jonas Liversedge (ap) William Parkinson (4d.) Richard Milner (ap) Thomas Saunderson (ap)

TABLE OF -- -Henry Fidling was Chosen Constable for Brearley & Sworne

John Wager & John Coiling was Chosen Bylawmen & Aletasters for Brearley & Sworne

Richard Man is Continued Pinder for Brearley & Sworne John Sto;ey was Chosen Constable for Shafton & Sworne Richard Milner Chosen Constable for Southhindley & Sworne

Thomas Hudleston & Ralph Downes Chosen Sworne men for Southhindley

Thomas Hudleston & Ralph Downes Chosen Bylawmen for Southhindley & Sworne

William Battyson & Jonas Downes Chosen Aletasters for Southhindley & Sworne

John Brettiner is Continued Pinder for Southhindley & Sworne (Thomas Wood Richard Marshall John Hoyland) Sworne (John Swift Bryan Medley John Twigge) Sworne (Richard Milner Ralph Downes Francis Shepeard) Sworne (Thomas Hudieston Jonas Liversedge Willim Thorpe John Oxley) Sworne

& they doe prsent & say That Edward Bramwell Thomas Wright John Beitham & Abraham Smith of Henley are residnts wthin the Leet that Richard Bromeley & Anne Dunnell of Shafton are residnts within the Leett--